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Through high-standard and strict quality control, our employees and management manufacture products to your requirements through processes of greater efficiency and higher performance. Step by step, we earnestly fulfill your quality requirements in order to create your order our of teamwork achieved through vigorous, integrated, and refined efforts.

Established in 1990, we are the only listed specialist lead-acid battery manufacturer in Taiwan. In addition to our first factory in Taiwan, we have two more modern production facilities in Vietnam. With a total developed area of 252,000m2, each has passed ISO9001, TL9000, ISO14001, ISO17025,and ISO45001 certification. Through precision manufacturing and using our quality management system, all sealed batteries distributed in our own brand “LONG” have passed UL accreditation. In order to cope with the high-quality requirements of the EU security monitoring market, we have also passed VdS certification of Germany. Our products are favored and recognized by leading global enterprises at home and abroad for their quality, high cost-performance ratio, and reliability. Our products are offered for a wide range of applications: multipurpose, cycling high-power, electric car, deep-cycle, renewable energy, and solar energy.

  • Established: January 25th, 1990
    Listing date: 22 January 2002 (TWSE: 1537)
    Headquarters: No. 6, Zili 3rd Road, Nangang Industrial Park, Nantou City.
    Factory: Taiwan-Kung Long Factory (1990), Taiwan-Lilong Factory (1995), Vietnam-Ben Luc Factory (1996), and Vietnam-Duc Hoa Factory (2007).
    Paid-in capital: NT$817 million.
    Scope of business: Batteries for renewable energy storage systems, batteries for telecommunication bases and telecommunication datacenters, UPS batteries, EV batteries, and starting batteries.
Manufacturing at a Glance

Welcome to Kung Long Batteries. In addition to our amazing team of employees who create our quality products we have built advanced facilities using the latest technologies to enhance the performance and quality the batteries. Step by step, we fulfill build your order and the outcome is from our teamwork achieved through vigorous, integrated, and refined efforts.

Manufacture at a Glance