Technical Support
  • How to choose a proper battery?

    (1) Get the same specification battery as the original one by looking up its Voltage, Amps and dimension.
    (2) Maintenance free battery is a better choice for vehicles. Technicians at motorcycle store or motor maintenance factory should install it.
    (3) Ensure that battery connections are clean, tight and free of corrosion.

  • How long is the guarantee?

    The battery life is subject to the product itself, charging method and application condition. We guarantee our products one year from the Date code. Please conduct your sales contact for further detail.

  • Handling precaution

    (1) If battery is not in use over one month, disconnect the Θ cable to reduce self-discharging.(Please check whether your automobile type is suitable for this application.)
    (2) When jump starting a car, beware of the ⊕Θ cable connection or have technician check it.
    (3) Be careful when installing, disassembling or charging the batteries.
    (4) Prohibit smoking and avoid creation of flame nearby.
    (5) Use Maintenance free batteries that are made in Taiwan if possible to conform with the environmental protection policy. It has better guarantee and automobiles will not get damaged easily.

  • What do overcharging and overdischarging mean?

    (1)Batteries for UPS or emergency lighting systems are always in charging condition. It is necessary to buy higher quality batteries to avoid overcharging damage. Swelling batteries are usually happened due to overcharging and the problem could be the charging equipment system. In general, if charging current does not reduce for a long period, batteries will lack of water and swell due to overload. However, other reasons like bad quality and internal components corroding too fast will also cause the battery charging connection defectively. And charging batteries overly result in overcharging problem simultaneously.
    (2)Batteries for UPS or emergency light systems will result in overdischarging problem due to overloaded if the power is shut off or batteries not being charged for a long period.
    (3)Overcharging of automobile battery: First, check the charging voltage and current of Regulator. If the standard voltage is 14.4V and the measure voltage is greater than 15V, it indicates that batteries are getting overcharging easily.
    *Conditions of overcharging condition are :
    (1)Abnormally high electrolyte Specific Gravity
    (2)Electrolyte turbidity 
    (3)Plate corrosion
    (4)Water reduces much faster than before
    *Condition of over-discharging is:
    Abnormally low electrolyte Specific Gravity

  • Why are new batteries installed in automobiles can't work?

    (1) Not being charged after sulfuric addition.
    (2) Batteries not in use for a long time after sulfuric addition.
    (3) Low temperature and high open circuit current.
    (4) Bad connection such as wrong installation, wires unconnected tightly, or dirty terminals.
    (5) Defective battery.
    (6) If battery and vehicle are normal, try to recharge the battery.

  • What are the difference between the Maintenance free battery and conventional battery?

    Maintenance free batteries have low self-discharge rate and low water losing performance, so the routine check and maintenance become easy. Besides, water addition free and nonspillable batteries reduce the automobile corrosion and environment pollution. It is a modern type of battery product.   

  • What we should notice for maintenance of conventional automobile/motorcycle batteries are:

    (1) Be aware of the electrolyte levels of batteries. When the electrolyte level is low during using period, add distilled water to the level.
    (2) Pay attention to the battery’s performance and condition after using 1 or 2 years. When the water reduces abnormally, it could be the end of battery life.

  • Why does the automobile battery life seem shorter than conventional battery recently?

    Nowadays, motorcycles in Taiwan are equipped with burglarproof system and audio, and more than sixty percents of automobiles are equipped with computer jet system, power handle, electric ABS, computer auto-transmission system and high rate audio system. Batteries need more electricity than traditional cars, and use too much electricity. This will also influence on the battery life. However, the weather temperature in Taiwan is higher than before so car engine will be overheated easily. It is the factor that minimizes the battery life.

  • When charging a battery with overcurrent, what are the effects?

    When charging a battery with overcurrent, the charging time will be shortened. However, a battery will be heated easily under overcurrent and gases will be generated inside to cause the danger of thermal runaway. Therefore, the maximum charging current is 0.3CA.

  • What are the cautions for connecting batteries in parallel or in series?

    (1)Do not use new and old (over one month after manufacture) batteries together.
    (2)Do not connect batteries of different brands, different capacity, and different voltage in series.
    (3)Do not charge and discharge batteries in parallel if the voltage difference inside each loop is too large.

  • Is ambient temperature related to battery life?

    When the ambient temperature is over 25°C, battery life will reduce by 50% for every 10°C higher. As the life and capacity of SLA batteries are rated at 25°C, ambient temperature change will significantly affect SLA battery life.

  • How does ambient temperature affects battery capacity?

    Battery capacity changes as temperature differs. Battery capacity is rated at 25°C, when the temperature rises, the capacity increases, and vice versa.