Social Engagement
Social Engagement

Apart from pursuing sustainable operations, creating profit and benefiting employees are our responsibility. Therefore, we have established a factory in the county’s industrial park to create job opportunities for local residents. Under our leadership, KLB became the first and only lead acid battery manufacturer in Taiwan to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange for employees to feel pride to becoming shareholders of the company. We also provide a work environment for employees to proudly contribute themselves to work. With suitable labor conditions and a safe and healthy work environment, we enable employees to feel care as a family and contentment for working with KLB.

To enthusiastically be involved with social charity and to serve people, we are eager to participate in comprehensive public groups, such as the Lion Club International; the Nantou County Friends of the Police Association; the Taiwan Lifeline International; Taiwan Battery Association; Taiwan Excellent Brand Association; Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association; Central, Eastern and CIS Association; Straits Economic and Cultural Interchange Association; SME Honorary Instructors’ Association; The Entrepreneur Club; CPMA Taichung; Nantou County Cross-Sector Exchange Association; Importers and Exporters Association of Nantou; and Taichung, Changhua and Nantou Workforce Development Strategic Alliance. With physical participation and a heart of social contribution, we actively promote industry-academia collaboration, resources exchange, and internship programs; and provide instruction, resources, and sponsorship covering industry overview and manufacturing technology, research and development, and internship opportunities to equip students and academic research institutions with knowledge relating to the industry status, market demand, and process technology through mutual exchange and learning between the industry and academia, in order for students to better understand the practice in the industry and thereby eliminate the gap between education and employment.

Photo: National Taichung Education University visit

Figure: sponsored the National Student Cup hydrogen car race with lead-acid batteries

In Taiwan

We sponsor activities in Nantou County, road greening and beautification in Caotun Town, and streetlamp adoption in Nantou City on a long-term basis. We also proactively care about vulnerable groups and combine the power of enterprise, employees, and local communities to cultivate Nantou to build a community environment of higher quality. We irregularly sponsor funds for emergency assistance of social welfare groups and care about the vulnerable on a long-term basis, including donation for elementary schools in Nantou, the Nantou Lifeline Association, the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, the Voluntary Firefighter Squadron, the Nantou Trouble Angels Association, the Friends of Armed Forces Association, the Nantou County Veterans Service Office, and the Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple. Through heartfelt contribution and voluntary care, we actively contribute and help for poverty alleviation and emergency assistance.

Figure:Protection of youth youth projects

Figure: Nantou military sympathy

In Vietnam

we assist on local infrastructure construction, such as ditch refurbishment, road expansion, streetlamp installation, and promotion of community greening. We support the poor and the vulnerable, such as building the “Affection House” to accommodate the poor and purchasing and distributing rice to lowly developed villages every month. For employees living in poverty require emergency assistance, we provide them with financial assistance and raise fund for them. We extend our regards to local police and fire departments, such as expressing sympathy and solicitude for their efforts, donating office equipment and stationary, supporting vehicle maintenance, organizing dinner parties, and expressing care for their daily life and health. We offer grants and scholarships to encourage education and provide job opportunities, such as offering grants and scholarships for local elementary schools every month, presenting semester scholarship to local middle schools, offering job opportunities, and arranging them to receive management assistant training. We offer job opportunities to those who are jobless, between jobs, and with work ability based on their expertise, in order to ensure their bread and butter and promote local prosperity.

Figure: scholarship payment

Figure: To help poor villagers

Investments in Art and Cultural Activities

We sponsor the “Taiwan Reading and Culture Foundation” to establish the “Philanthropic Library” and the theatrical, musical, and sports activities of the gifted music education program of specific junior high schools, bands, and Nantou Cultural Affairs Bureau in Nantou. We also organize art and cultural talks regularly for local Nantou citizens and employees to have more opportunities to contact art and cultural performances, improve cultural literacy, and accumulate creative energy.

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